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A Little Bit About Us

Nobody wants to do business with complete stranges, so let us introduce ourselves:

Formerly known as Crossmedia Communication, Mt. Vernon Media is the brain child of TJ Moyer, founder and CEO of the soon-to-be LLC. With her strong background in Design, Web Development, Marketing, Business Operations, Internet Strategies, and Education, and her team of expert designers & developers, TJ brings a powerful team to your solution needs.

TJ Moyer


TJ Moyer
CEO & Creative Director
TJ was born at a very early age... Since then she has amassed experience in various areas of communication, design, and technology ranging from photography to book design, graphic design, radio, editorial work, and web design. She has an eye for design that is only surpassed by her love of life.

In her spare time, TJ enjoys good coffee, good friends, and her passion for photography.

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