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  1. Benchmark rankings report

  2. Info gathering (site purpose, contents, & audience)

  3. Keyword analysis report

  4. Website design analysis to see what could be optimized

  5. Website content & pitch analysis to see how that could be optimized

  6. Report on site optimization findings and colaborative work with client on which suggestions to implement

  7. Creation / updating of META tags

  8. Submission of website to the major search engines

  9. 3 month monitoring of new ranking results

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Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Have a powerful website, but low to no traffic? A powerful, effective website means nothing without regular traffic of visitors to your website. More than 75 percent of Internet users research product information and shop online using the web's top search engines to find what they're looking for.

But simply submitting your website to 1000's of search engines will not necessarily send traffic flooding to your website. This, unfortunately, is a myth that has been perpetuated by companies selling bulk submission services. Many of these supposed search engines exist just to collect email addresses for spamming campaigns. Besides, the truth is, 90% of search engine traffic comes from the top engines.

No matter how often you submit or to how many search engines, if you don't appear near the top of the search results (usually within the first 30 results or so) for keywords that apply to your business or organization, your competition with get the business instead.

In order to gain visibility on the top search engines, you have to know how to position your site at or near the top. We can help you determine which keywords will be most effective for your business and ensure that you achieve top listings for your keywords, driving more and more traffic to your site and result in better and increased sales leads and awareness of your business or organization.

Using sophisticated analysis tools, we work with you to develop the ideal set of keyphrases to use for promoting your site. We examine the content of your site and cross reference that against a database of the most popular search terms on each of the major search engines.

:: Services that Might be Included in Your Customized Solution:

  • A great many top 10 or top 30 positions.
  • Benchmark Position Reporting
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Consultation
  • Server Log File Analysis
  • Design and content optimization for search engine rankings.
  • META Optimization
  • Link Popularity Campaign
  • Manual Search Engine Submissions
  • Scheduled Position Reporting
  • Yahoo, LookSmart, and Open Directory submissions.
  • Submission of your pages to the search engines in strict accordance with the anti-spam guidelines established by each of the engines
  • Submission Verification
  • Positioning maintenance
  • International Submission

Search Engine Optimization Fees

Since every business is different, with different needs, goals, products, and services, we offer customized solutions, not cookie-cutter packages. Search engine optimization fees vary by project, determined by the amount of rewriting and editing that is necessary, and the number of keywords and pages to be optimized. Our SEO charges are one-time fees, with half payment due at contract signing, and half due when we're ready to submit to the search engines.

Search Engine Monitoring & Upkeep

To ensure long-term rankings, extended monitoring service can make sure that the pages remain in the search engine databases. Our monitoring service will detect when any pages of your site might be missing, so we can resubmit. Additional monthly monitoring, continued support, and monthly search engine and traffic reports with resubmittals as necessary, is available after your three-month period (included in the initial fees) and the price varies per site. Site monitoring starts at $200 per month. These fees are paid in advance on a quarterly basis.

To receive a customized proposal tailored to your website, fill out the Proposal Request form and we will contact you within the next 3 business days.

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